Walking tour

This city walk is a little over 5 km and guides you to thirteen locations in and around Bergen’s city centre. This is where the ‘long Reformation’ can be discovered. We will walk from Bergenhus Fortress to the University Museum. On the route we will meet medieval churches that remain standing and churches that survive only in historical memory or in the names of streets and squares. Together they provide insight into six centuries of Bergen’s religious and cultural history.

The route of the BERGEN1517 city walk

In preparation you may play a short introductory film about Bergen as Norway’s Reformation City 2017 (at the top of the ‘Home’ page) which sets the scene. Then, you can start the tour either by clicking ‘Start the tour..’ (below) or by clicking on the pictures of the individual churches at the bottom of this page. There you will find detailed information on the individual monuments, always followed by the route to be followed to the next location.

The last page ‘Churches in Hordaland’ contains a number of suggestions to visit further ‘Reformation sites’ beyond Bergen’s city limits.

Enjoy your walk! – Nyt turen!

Start the tour…

1 Store Kristkirken

2 Rosenkrantztårnet


3 Mariakirken

4 Nikolaikirken/Hallvardskirken


5 Korskirken

6 Domkirken
6 Domkirken


The church seen from the courtyard (photo Justin Kroesen)
7 Sankt Jørgens Hospital

8 Nonneseter Kloster/Allerhelgenskirken


St John’s church was situated on the site of present-day Tårnplassen (‘Tower Square’) (photo Justin Kroesen)
9 Jonsklosterets kirke

The New Church viewed from C. Sundts gate (photo Justin Kroesen)
10 Nykirken/Erkebispegården


Klosteret square – the location of vanished Munkeliv Abbey (photo Justin Kroesen)
11 Munkeliv Klosterets Kirke/Margaretakirken


Red-brick Johanneskirken (photo Justin Kroesen)
12 Johanneskirken


The ‘church room’ in the church art collection (photo Justin Kroesen)
13 Universitetsmuseet

Churches in Hordaland