Voss (100 km from Bergen)

The church of Voss viewed from the southeast (photo Justin Kroesen)

The church of Voss (Vangskyrkja) is a stone church dedicated to St Michael that was built during the third quarter of the thirteenth century. It consists of a square tower base, a rectangular nave and an almost square chancel.

The west portal of the nave and the south portal of the chancel (photos Justin Kroesen)

The sober portals are framed in soapstone and have mouldings similar to contemporary English church architecture. The wooden tower helmet was added around 1615. The church was restored in 1870 and again in the 1930s and 1950s, when the plaster was removed.

The altarpiece on the main altar (photo Justin Kroesen)
The altarpiece on the main altar (photo Justin Kroesen)

On the altar slab rests a predella with a late Gothic painting of Christ praying on the Mount of Olives. The central image in the late Gothic chest above was replaced after the Reformation. It now features a Baroque painting showing the Crucifixion made by Elias Fiigenschoug in 1642.

Crucifix in the triumphal arch, 1600s (photo Justin Kroesen)
Crucifix in the triumphal arch, 1690s (photo Justin Kroesen)

In the nave hangs a brass chandelier from Deventer (the Netherlands) dated 1614 and in the chancel a hovering angel holding the bapismal font (‘Taufengel’) from around 1820.

The chancel and nave were originally separated from each other by a wooden rood loft. The present screen in the chancel arch, which dates from the 1690s, is crowned by a large crucifix.